harry styles more like satan

2012 - 2013

Louis at booksignings - Then and now.


when the boys get on twitter



This is probably the cutest concert moment ever.. just they way they all laugh together is so adorable.


actually harry looks kinda lost 


but look at this song ANd oh god This ONE this is My FaVE no thIS one Oh i dIDNT hEAR THAT one Whats THAT 



welcome to toronto where our mayor does crack and our Santa Claus parade takes place in november with one direction bobble heads

okay so i am gonna be there in exactly 54 days how will i survive 

Hey there beautiful :) You are so gorgeous! And I absolutely love your blog and I just wanted to tell you that you are amazing. Did you smile today? Always remember, someone out there loves you, and so do I ♡ Please never change, you’re perfect. —aureat

omg? thank you so much? this is amazing thank you i say the same about you!


they change everything but we still dont have a chat system

now i get why harry’s laughing at liam’s wax figure

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